We understand that planning a wedding can be a challenging endeavor. To better assist you during the planning process, we’ve provided answers to many common questions. Of course, we’re always happy to answer your questions directly. Just contact us.

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Event Planning

Who will be handling my event?
Arrangements for all events will be handled through our professional team. In order for our staff to effectively plan and perform your function, the final details will be confirmed no later than three (3) weeks in advance of your reserved date.

Where can I contact the Event Coordinator?
The Garden Ballroom in the historic Town Square building
301 3rd Street NW Suite 353
Winter Haven, Florida 33881
(863) 293-5565

What are the office hours?
Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday and Monday CLOSED

Appointments also available, please call (863) 293-5565 for scheduling.

How far in advance should we reserve a date for our event?
Venues are booked according to availability, so if a venue is open, any party can reserve it. However, keep in mind that many events are booked well in advance and The Garden Ballroom does not save dates without a deposit and signed contract. (9-16 months is the general rule).

How do I reserve a date?
Once you stop by The Garden Ballroom offices and decide on the package to book the date and have a signed contract and initial deposit, the date will be blocked for your event. We do not place tentative holds.

Is the deposit refundable?
The Deposit given when signing the contract is non-refundable because this is in order to lock in the date for your event. Once that deposit is given, the date can’t be sold to anyone else.

What is the deposit to book a wedding or event?
Events have a minimum $500.00 deposit, but it could be up to 20% of the event depending on the package.
When booking the event the deposit can be in Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check.
(Note: rates are subject to date, space, and time rental.)

What is the payment schedule?
After the initial deposit that is due with the contract, the payment will be set up in two to three installments after the deposit.
Remaining Balance Thirty (30) days prior to the Event’s Date
Additional Guests or Upgrades can be added the latest Three (3) weeks prior to the Event’s Date

What is the Cancellation Policy?
If a client decides to cancel the event under any circumstance they must first provide us with a written statement explaining why they need to cancel the event. The penalty for cancellation will be depending on when you booked as well as the time frame you are within the contract. It could be 50%-100% of the total amount that the client will be responsible for.

Can I reschedule or change the date after I have booked my event?
If a client decides to reschedule the event date under any circumstance they must first provide us with a written statement explaining why they need to change the date of the event. The penalty for cancellation will be depending on when you booked as well as the time frame you are within the contract. It could be 20% of the total amount that the client will have to pay in order to book the new date and open the one they had reserved.
Note: Fees are subject to change depending on the contract and the time the event was booked.

Can I decrease the number of guests?
No. You will give us a guaranteed number of guests no later than three (3) weeks prior to your event. There are no refunds if fewer guests come than the guaranteed number.

When are my final guests count due?
The final guests count is due three (3) weeks before the event.

What is an Outside Vendor Fee?
The Outside Vendor fee applies to any company that is not one of our preferred vendors that will be providing you any service throughout the Ceremony or Reception. We recommend before hiring that company to provide us with the Company’s liability and insurance for approval. The fee can run from $50.00 up to $200.00.

Is the facility available the day before my event for set-up and rehearsal?
Absolutely, if the venue has not been booked for another event.  Usually, we release day before availability until five days before your event. Have in mind that an event can even be booked a day or two in advance. This happens on rare occasion, so always check with us before making arrangements with the person who will set up.


What decor restrictions exist indoors?
We ask you to please avoid the following when decorating: sand, open flame candles, glitter, paper confetti, bubbles, silly string, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and nailing, screwing, or stapling.

What restrictions exist for outdoor décor?
Please avoid using silk flower petals, confetti, rose petals, silly string, glitter, and nailing, screwing or stapling into outdoor areas.  Please do not use sparklers or rice upon departure without notification to the Event Coordinators.  Also please avoid putting any decor into the water features, including but not limited to floating candles and flowers.

Do I have a choice of Linens?
The Garden Ballroom has several linen packages in-house with a variety of selections. Please consult our Event Coordinator for pricing.

Do you offer Chiavari Chairs?
They are not included in the package, but you can upgrade to them at a charge of $6.00 per chair plus tax, and Delivery Fee.

If we wanted to set up extra things in the room (place cards, sign-in table stuff, etc), would we have to do that ourselves?  And if we do it ourselves, how early can we do that?
The client usually sets up those items as well as the party favors on their own or with the help of family or friends, unless items are provided by the venue.  We usually will let you know when the room will be ready the week of your event, as well as the time to come in. Consult the Event Coordinator for more information.

Are we allowed to provide candles (tea lights, floating candles) for the tables? If so, are there any sorts of restrictions or preferred types?
The only flame candles permitted are floating candles and must be rented through us. Speak with a coordinator for more information.

Only LED Flameless Battery Operated Candles are permitted otherwise.

Food & Beverage

Can I bring my own Liquor?
All alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and champagne must be served by our preferred bartender due to legal restrictions of the County.

Can I bring my own Food?
We highly recommend having your event catered due to the overwhelming amount of details involved such as serving, plating, ensuring guests receive proper portions, clean up and so forth. You are allowed to bring your own food and may have to sign a waiver to ensure the venue is not liable for any instances that may occur from non-catered food.